Sunday, January 9, 2011


I'm going to assume that though there is no Bikni-worthy airline ticket in my hand at this very moment, the universe has brought into my blogging life as a whole, leap-before-the-net-(read Plane Ticket)-appears thing.

Um cause have you ever booked a last minute I'm-going-to-die-if-I-wake-up-to-another-grey-winter-weather-day trip and then actually tried to get a decent (read HOT) bathing suit at that (already awful) time of year? Yeah, me too. And the Target sales rack is majorly depressing at that time of year.

So when came calling for bloggers opinion on their “Fit Specialist Program” – a free “personal shopper” for bathing suits I wasn't too optimistic. Too much target. Not enough Swimspot. Here's my two cents. Selection. AMAZING. Sizing chart? Phenom. Swimspot’s “Bikini Builder” that allows you to mix & match or mismatch the perfect swim look from separates ( Pretty awesome but would like a bigger selection within the tool itself. Here was my default combo since I couldn't actually see my blue NEXT top and black NEXT bottom together.

Though I don't have my NEXT dream bikini in hand yet, I think I have found the best bikini ever. The brilliance: using the top of a classic yoga pant style (which makes every woman about a thousand times more attractive) as the WHOLE bikini bottom. Amazing. Enough said. I'll fill you on the trip and the Bikini as soon as they arrive. In the meantime, Enjoy!
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