Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Never Leave Your Manduka

I'm starting to wonder if I have unknowingly joined a cult. Due to some fairly horrendous packing choices and poor organization on the day before my departure, I somehow left my Manduka behind. Not once in 2010 did I leave my home for more than 24 hours without my Manduka. And I have now made peace with the idea that cult or not, I literally can not leave home with out a Manduka and access to POWER Vinyasa.

Imagine yourself. Nestled into your geographic spiritual home; embedded in the breath-stealing San Juan Mountains, in the company of loving, lovely family and totally unable to be. No yoga mat, no way to live. So if you are new to yoga, or even old to yoga and have never bonded with a Manduka, think Avatar, and go here. My next Manduka will be the travel-friendly lovely that provides insurance against even the WORST pre-departure experiences. Enjoy!


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