Friday, June 18, 2010

A MUST have shopping experience....

I have a new's called shopping over the phone...with a brilliant store called LaLa- a Kerry Cassill boutique. I am one of the unfortunates who does not live in Laguna Beach, California, yet I feel the need to have many things that come out of this store located far, far away from me. Is this a shopping conundrum? NO, it most definitely is not! This is because the staff at LaLa are the ultimate in personal shopping...over the phone! I gather my visual ideas from their website and from their Facebook page, to see exactly what my heart is longing for....then I simply make the call 949-464-9220, talk to either the lovely Tessa or to Kerry herself...and the clothes are on the way to my doorstep! It's magically delicious!!!!!!

If you enjoy feeling naked, yet appearing clothed beautifully, colorfully, and uniquely, these are the clothes for you. Kerry roamed the world and found perfection in the most comfortable, lux weight Indian fabrics. This is more than clothing; it's a lifestyle that makes you feel magical.

P.S.- Oh, and for those in NYC, Kerry Cassill is doing a "pop-up shop" at the Erica Tanov store this summer!!!!! Check it out!

By Timna for Beauty's Spot

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