Monday, March 22, 2010

Hopping into EVERYTHING with Havaianas

Fishing. Bike Riding. Yoga. Babysitting. Walking in the woods. My Havaianas are taking me everywhere this spring. Not since the days of living in the Indonesian archipelago or vacationing in Colorado have I so deliriously dipped into every whisper of adventure that nuzzled my ear. After 20 miles on the bike yesterday my bum is exhausted but my feet are (still) adorably adorned with these toe feathers.
This season the "Slim Peacock" is populating the pages of yoga catalogues and flip flopping all over the mulch on the play ground. (You should see how adorable they are on the seven year old girl who I babysit for.) For women's sandals (or kid's) the easiest, chic-est way to go toe to toe with adventure this summer is to go Havaianas.
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