Saturday, December 12, 2009

Posie Tint by Benefit: Product Rave from Sarah Tattoo

Another review from one of my favorite, fierce females - Sarah Tattoo.

Benefit has wowed me once again, touting both the titles of all natural and incredibly user friendly. As you take in the bottle it seems a bit intimidating, appearing as though the contents are either neon pink or nail polish. It *is* packaged just like a bottle of nail polish, and upon opening one discovers a tiny brush applicator! What appears to be a shocking shade of bright pink Poppy actually goes on sheer, weightless, and majorly natural. I have to admit that my expectations were low as I'm multi-cultural and usually blushers in shades of daring pink simply just don't work with my skin tone, but I'm happy to report that this added just the right pop of color to the apples of my cheeks, and is layer-able for whatever your little heart desires. Available in Posietint (poppy pink), and Benetint (rose). Enjoy!

Full Disclosure: some PR company or another gave this to me for free sometime last year. I can't remember who. I then gave it to Sarah for free along with a bag of other goodies from the beauty closet.


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