Saturday, November 7, 2009

One Night in Proximity: The Greenest Hotel In America

Last month I had the extravagant pleasure of spending one night at America's only LEED Platinum Certified Hotel, The Proximity in Greensboro, North Carolina. I was a bit surprised to find it, to date, to be the nicest hotel I have ever patronized. Perhaps it was the eco-friendliness or the sublime design of everything from the locally made furniture to the most amazing bathroom door (think barn door meets Restoration Hardware) that charmed me. Though It could have also been the checkered cab or the Greenway. One night at The Proximity and I felt like a new woman. Emerging triumphantly into the world after the most restful sleep I have ever known, I did in fact have the best weekend of 2009.

Happily the French extravagance that wafted into my room (love a hotel room with windows that open) from Print Work's Bistro in the form of Carla Bruni's classic tunes was balanced by my neighbors, Da Swag City Tour, who apparently like to rest their bling in eco-friendly haunts just as much a Greensboro Orchestra going set who were also in town for a special concert. Apparently, everyone is going green and doing so together in the lobby of The Proximity. Enjoy!

My Room!

Da Swag's room?

Check out this video which was taken before their certification was approved.


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