Sunday, November 15, 2009

Beauty Bargain Award: BeautyFix

I've been getting my beauty fix ever since I first stumbled upon Rainbow Green Clay in Whole Foods when I was 15. I've been getting BeautyFix for about a year now and I can safely say both fixes have changed my life. Beautyfix has introduced me to several ingenious products that no woman should go without. I'll list them below, not necassarily in order of OMG-I-can't-live-without factor:

DERMAdoctor KP Duty: The sweet scent of this scrub is deceptive as it's tactically speaking, it's a tough love provided by this chemical and physical exfoliant. Backne and winter skin are a thing of the past dear friends.

Canyon Ranch Protect UVA/UVB SPF 30 Moisturizer: As airy as the southwestern desert where it was created, this fantastically light SPF 30 will protect and soothe.

This cleanser smells like desatine which gives me flash backs to diaper rash and make me want to puke. So you know I must LOVE the effect it has on my face which to date is: quicker healing of blemishes, smaller blackheads, and smother younger looking skin. It's called "perfect" for a reason.

Lisa Hoffman Spa Shower Body Oil

iQDerma Firmaceuticals Firming Body Gel

Sign up for Beautyfix to get 7-10 products quarterly for only $49.99 a quarter. Amazing!


Monday, November 9, 2009

I'm Dating Jo Malone

Our first date was the stuff of classic films. After meeting through a mutual acquaintance, I agreed to attend his event on Fashion's Night Out back in September. After walking a half-Manhattan sized route because every reccesionista had splurged on a cab to transform into a fashionista for New York's Chic-est night out, I finally reached the upper east side event. Greeted with scents too delicious to even fathom, unless you are in the presence of the brilliant Jo Malone himself, Jo proceed to make me a personalized bouquet.

If you don't know by now, I'll let you in on a little secret. Jo is in fact a brand. Sadly it's true that while a man has never made me a personalized bouquet, a brand has. Come to think of it beauty brands do lots of things for me that men, to date, have not. This, I suppose, is why I'm a 28 year old beauty blogger and not a housewife.

Tonight on what may have been one of this year's worst days I finally broke out my "worst day ever" stash. I have now slathered myself from head to toe in Jo's orange blossom body creme and am happily avoiding all thoughts of today be reliving my one night with Jo back in September. The scent instantly lifted my bad mood and delivered thoughts of cheerier times like returning to my hotel room in times square with the most beautiful bouquet I'd ever seen.

I'm hoping he'll show up for Christmas with this, the most beautiful Candle set I've ever seen.


Saturday, November 7, 2009

One Night in Proximity: The Greenest Hotel In America

Last month I had the extravagant pleasure of spending one night at America's only LEED Platinum Certified Hotel, The Proximity in Greensboro, North Carolina. I was a bit surprised to find it, to date, to be the nicest hotel I have ever patronized. Perhaps it was the eco-friendliness or the sublime design of everything from the locally made furniture to the most amazing bathroom door (think barn door meets Restoration Hardware) that charmed me. Though It could have also been the checkered cab or the Greenway. One night at The Proximity and I felt like a new woman. Emerging triumphantly into the world after the most restful sleep I have ever known, I did in fact have the best weekend of 2009.

Happily the French extravagance that wafted into my room (love a hotel room with windows that open) from Print Work's Bistro in the form of Carla Bruni's classic tunes was balanced by my neighbors, Da Swag City Tour, who apparently like to rest their bling in eco-friendly haunts just as much a Greensboro Orchestra going set who were also in town for a special concert. Apparently, everyone is going green and doing so together in the lobby of The Proximity. Enjoy!

My Room!

Da Swag's room?

Check out this video which was taken before their certification was approved.