Sunday, October 11, 2009

Lisa Hoffman Body Oil - Fifi Worthy Fragrance

My dear friends and two of D.C.'s hottest beauty bloggers (@aatp and @themakeupgirl) help select what goes in your BeautyFix. (If you don't know beauty fix - this may be a good time to educate yourself.) These beauty geniuses make sure you only get the finest product and their selection process has reached the height of perfection with their latest installment which introduced me to a number of my new favorites - the most mind-blowing of which is Mrs. Dustin Hoffman's Body Oil.

Lisa Hoffman's Spa Shower Body Oil is scented with Lisa's FiFI Fragrance of the Year Finalist, Japanese Agarwood (notes of Bergamot, Spiced Ginger Accord, and Warm Amber.) I currently have it lathered all over my body and I'm not sure if I've ever known such intensely relaxing olfactory pleasure. This featherweight, non-greasy body oil consists of natural ingredients harvested from the rain forests in a sustainable manner. Ingredients usually reserved for the carved wooden shelves of crunchy, hippie homes such as sesame seed oil, Brazil nut seed oil, rice bran oil, acai pulp oil, oak and tree moss extract combine to create healthy, radiant, intensely happy skin. Worth every penny. Enjoy!


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