Tuesday, September 1, 2009

The Ritz-Carlton Georgetown: Where Washington D.C. Culture Resides

There is something intangibly magnificent about The Ritz-Carlton's boutique hotel in Georgetown. Writers (yes, I'd like to be one someday) have a long standing tradition of taking up residence in hotel lobbies to do their best work. The Roosevelt Hotel in New York played nurse maid to more than one great American novel by keeping their creators well nourished with a diet of seemingly endless inspiration arriving through the revolving doors of it's Madison Avenue entrance.

Housed on the high banks of the Potomac river, Ritz's hip boutique hotel in Georgetown was in fact an old Native American campsite where the area's American Indians retreated during the 4,500 years leading up to the first settlers' arrival. More recently it was home to 19th century working class families before finally being converted into the local incinerator. Beneath the current incarnation's centrally located, refurbished staircase you can view the arrowheads, tea cup dolls, and apothecary bottles these geographic ancestors left behind. This is the stuff that makes for good writing.

The intersection of cultural inspirations ancient and modern, a cozy fireplace, and whispers of a hot chocolate bar in colder seasons and I began to wonder...why hadn't I set up shop (or at least laptop) there sooner? By the end of the DC Beauty Tour, suspecting that my two year exclusive declaration of the W Lobby as my creative home was drawing to a close, I summoned up all my courage to ask the one final important question. "Yes." (Fellow aspiring writers and laptop-totting bohemians take note) there is in fact free wireless in the lobby. Actually there are also two macs for guest use on the way. This, my friends is no longer your grandpa's Ritz-Carlton.

With French-certified organic facials being preformed in the subterranean spa, the area's hottest Budokon Yoga instructor on call, and the spirits of eras gone by mingling in the lobby, my creative center (and that of hip, youthful DC society) has, simply put - shifted. If you see me there this winter be sure to say hello and join me for a cup of hot chocolate. Until then, enjoy!

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