Thursday, July 23, 2009

To Die For: Limited Edition Sensuous Pendant from Estee Lauder

In an age when young women regularly exchange portly portions of their paycheck for the signature scent of a celeb du jour, finding an evocative fragrance housed within an enchanting keepsake is a difficult, if not impossible, task.

$120 may seem like a lot to pay for a pendant necklace filled with solid perfume, but is it a lot to pay for perfection? With a violet colored jewel clasp this locket, filled with visable concentric circles of exotic complementary notes, could be easily mistaken for a family heirloom found in my grandmother's vanity.

In celebration of the first anniversary of the launch of Sensuous, a scent that “every woman wears her way,” Estée Lauder unveils this, my favorite Touch-On Solid Perfume. This fragrance redefines the traditional fragrance structure of Top, Middle and Base notes. Instead, a Warm core is surrounded by Feminine, Luminous notes.

Molten Woods


Ghost Lily


Black Pepper
Mandarin Orange Pulp

Sensuous Touch-On Solid Perfume
0.09 oz / 2.6 g $120.00 (available July 2009)
Delicate, yet provocative, the Touch-On Solid Perfume is traditionally one of the most sensual ways to wear fragrance. Applied directly to the pulse points, the unique, creamy texture responds to the most seductive parts of the body: the décolletage, wrists, behind the ears and the backs of the knees. Enjoy!


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