Sunday, June 28, 2009

Ms. Laura Mercier: Please Liberate Your Luxe Lash Curler

On a recent trip to the mother ship (Sephora) I noticed that 95% of lash curlers resemble instruments one finds on the doctor's tray during an oft-feared female ritual, the annual exam. (No FTC, I'm not sure if that figure is accurate.)

When I'm getting beautiful in the morning, I'd rather not attack my eyelashes with an ob/gyn-like device. That, and my deep set eyes, led me to look for more from my lash curles. A few months ago, while chatting with my local Laura Mercier counter attendant (love her!) at Nordstroms I found a beautiful, friendly, ergonomically correct lash curler that left my lashes feeling cushioned, cared-for, and well-shaped. Unfortunately Laura Mercier's luxe burgundy-colored lash curler is only available as part of her $125 Eye Design Kit. (Laura, could you please reconsider this error in marketing?)

Until Laura reconsiders, Sephora has a pared down but architecturally identical version for only $14(pictured above). It's not the real thing, but my lashes haven't been this happy in a long long time. Enjoy!

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