Wednesday, April 1, 2009

IPL Laser Hair Removal or Why I'll Never Be Married

With the advent of pre-date google stalking this blog has become a bit a liability. I've dated a few dudes this year and it's kind of awkward when on the third date or, occasionally, the first - he says something like, "So you're kind of addicted to pedicures, huh?"

It's mid 2009. Said dude can go back almost two years and know what I was thinking, how my skin was freaking out, exactly which stretch mark I was obsessing over and the miracle product that solved my conundrum. How any of them make it to the third date after all that reading is beyond me but I have two resolves....1) The guy truly worth dating really won't care what I say on the internets (and, perhaps, may even love me enough to find it endearing?) and 2) Henceforth I'm lying about my last name so that I may avoid the convergence of courting and beauty blogging.

Still, despite all of my best efforts at anonymity, occasionally there is a find so fantastic I must share it with you no matter how potentially uncomfortable my next first date will be. Today this liability is IPL Laser Hair removal. I'm Italian which in terms of skincare means two things. 1) When I walk across the street my skin travels across the ethnicity rainbow and 2) The older I get, the hairier I get. (I'm so never getting married. Dudes, I beg you, stop reading here.)

This is why my IPL Laser experience with the south's most brilliant beauty maven is changing my life. First, I no longer have hair underneath my arms, on my face, belly or in my nostrils. Second it hurts, so good. As in the pain isn't that bad. Third, if it works for my stubborn, Italian hair it will work for almost anyone. Also without me knowing it a decade of shaving and razor burn made my armpits ugly. They are now airbrush pretty and smooth. No bumps.

Terri, aesthetician and laser technician extraordinaire, has been running the laser for over ten years. She has a relationship with it in the way that only an intuitive southern woman can. She knows when it needs water. She knows when it needs a break. She knows when the laser head needs replacing. And she knows all of these things with no related indicator light on the actual machine alerting her to such conditions. She will give you a consultation for free (as most good laser technicians should!) and predict with alarming accuracy how effective it will be for you, how long your course of treatment will take, and how much she will charge you. Even if you live in another state you should come see Terri, get her expert opinion and measure all other laser technician's advice against it. Or you know you can spend a ton of money on razors, creams, razor burn, waxing, and the like for the rest of your life.

Ms. Terri works for several different plastic surgeons (cause she's in demand like that), has her own organic spa where she does the world's most relaxing facials, and has a few brilliant online outposts which she will tell you all about as your beauty needs arise.

If you still aren't convinced Total Beauty has prepared this lovely hair removal 101 for you.
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