Tuesday, March 31, 2009

A Chic New Solution for Sticky, Slippery, So Last Year Shoe Problems

A few weeks ago we found ourselves at an art opening that required us to go shoeless. Upon examining the herds of boring soles crowded around the door we kicked ourselves for not inserting our adorable artist print summer soles before the event. Later that week after passing up the most adorable pair of new Tory Burch flats in the name of financial solvency, we decided to makeover our old shoes recessionista style and we LOVE our Summer Soles.

Summer Soles®, the company that developed the first luxury cut-to-fit stay-dry fabric insoles for sandals, introduces these new limited edition Artist's Prints to their Softness of Suede collection. Like original Summer Soles, the new Artist’s Prints provide edge-to-edge shoe coverage in sandals and other open and closed toe shoe styles to wick away moisture. Perfect for even the highest heels, these comfortable and durable faux suede liners absorb perspiration, protect the shoe interior and give new life to your favorite shoes without breaking the budget. At $7.95 per pair, your feet will love you. Enjoy!

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