Tuesday, March 31, 2009

A Chic New Solution for Sticky, Slippery, So Last Year Shoe Problems

A few weeks ago we found ourselves at an art opening that required us to go shoeless. Upon examining the herds of boring soles crowded around the door we kicked ourselves for not inserting our adorable artist print summer soles before the event. Later that week after passing up the most adorable pair of new Tory Burch flats in the name of financial solvency, we decided to makeover our old shoes recessionista style and we LOVE our Summer Soles.

Summer Soles®, the company that developed the first luxury cut-to-fit stay-dry fabric insoles for sandals, introduces these new limited edition Artist's Prints to their Softness of Suede collection. Like original Summer Soles, the new Artist’s Prints provide edge-to-edge shoe coverage in sandals and other open and closed toe shoe styles to wick away moisture. Perfect for even the highest heels, these comfortable and durable faux suede liners absorb perspiration, protect the shoe interior and give new life to your favorite shoes without breaking the budget. At $7.95 per pair, your feet will love you. Enjoy!

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Beauty School: Bobbi Brown Makeup Manual + An Ode To Domino

Despite her demanding schedule as author, CEO of Bobbi Brown cosmetics, and Beauty Editor for NBC’s Today Show, she manages to stay fresh-faced and fabulous. This month she is sharing her secrets with Barnes & Noble Tagged! After Living Beauty, this one is sure to be another brilliant teacher.

Also in this episode is an in depth review of Domino, the hard cover, collective insights from the editors of the recently deceased Conde Nast monthly.

La Mer The Body Refiner: Diamonds On the Soles Of Her...

On this rainy sun-starved Saturday afternoon I couldn't think of much to do that would lift my spirits. Bella Trio was booked for last-minute mani-pedis and I have to be at dinner in two hours. What's a girl with a packed beauty closet to do?

Reach for the nearest lotion laced with fermented acidic sea muds, 1.75 carats of pure diamond dust and a bit of polished sea quartz. Exfoliate all limbs. Reasonable enough Saturday afternoon activity, no? Except for the 1.75 carats of diamond dust! With this de-pression on (as they like to say in the south) diamond-laced skincare can seem a bit extravagant. After a few hours with La Mer's The Body Refiner, I assure you this is one indulgence women can't afford to miss. The Refiner leaves behind a stunning subtle layer of diamond specs overtop smooth, supple skin. There is no better pick-me-up than viewing yourself in the mirror with glinting diamonds embedded in every area of your epidermis. So much better than a mani-pedi.

Process: As The Body Refiner is massaged into skin, La Mer’s piezoelectric (electrically-charged) minerals – tourmaline and sea quartz – convert the massage action into energy, helping to stimulate circulation and awaken skin. The fermented acidic sea muds are harvested from a natural marine source to detoxify and purify skin for a bright, healthy appearance. Their low pH level makes these muds extremely gentle and especially suitable for sensitive skin. Enjoy!

Friday, March 27, 2009

Strange Invisible Perfumes: Epic Love

Botanical loyalist and scent provocateur Alexandra Balahoutis' collection of strange, invisible perfumes seduce and realign one’s senses to the cosmic beauty and wild perfection of nature.

This March, Strange Invisible Perfumes launches their Spring Trio; Urban Lily, Aquarian Rose, Epic Gardenia. Powered by a glamorous portrait of nature, they are the authentic floral aromas of a new era. Flowers are newly revealed along with luminous visions of the future. Our favorite is Epic Gardenia, a velvety, compelling, gentle scent selling for $175 per 1.7 fl. oz.

What's Green about SIP?
Pure aromatic plants: where plants are grown in natural light rather than the macabre laboratory fluorescents

Fair trade, wild crafted, biodynamically cultivated, and organic essences

Also, eight percent of the proceeds from sales of their best-selling Magazine Street are donated to Common Ground Collective, a non-profit organization working for the environmental restoration and sustainable rebuilding of New Orleans.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

People Say We Monkee Around

Every town needs a place like Monkee's. There is no better time to introduce yourself to their Trunk Shows than with one of the Tory Burch varieties. In addition to the flats that made her famous, Tory Burch designs the most lovely totes with well-placed organizational pockets and silver emblem zippers. Fab.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Clarisonic Has Outdone Itself.

Stop using that small, face-only brush head. Clarisonic won't tell you that, but I will. I have skin only slightly less sensitive than a baby's eyelid but I have fallen so deeply, madly in love with the body brush that I'm now using it everywhere, even on my face. 5 days out of a chemical peel. Not lying.

The brush head will only cost you $25, though those of you using the old models (marked with only one "start" button whereas newer models have additional "up" and "down" arrows) will have to obtain the newer model in order to get the deeper more intense pulsing. Upgrade! Also if you order from Beauty Gone Green, they will throw in my top ranking, nii-kii lip balm - Free!

Jenni Kanye's New "it" Diaper Bag for Drugstore.com

Drugstore.com is partnering with fashion designer and new mom, Jenni Kayne, to deliver this chic, portable bundle filled with eco-friendly products for mom and baby. The stylish Mommy Bag, available for a limited time with a purchase of $75 or more, is a roomy canvas pouch that Jenni created as a compact yet practical alternative to a more traditional diaper bag.

Kayne, who welcomed her first child Tanner late last year, wanted to create something large enough to store products for a quick outing and small enough to stash tidily into a stroller or slouchy handbag. The washable, durable bag has elasticized pockets for bottles and snacks and offers a reliable way to keep baby travel basics separate and accessible.

“When I was pregnant I was looking at diaper bags and thought there should be more options for busy new moms,” says Kayne. “Diaper bags can be so cumbersome and sometimes when you’re going out for a walk or need to run a quick errand with a baby, a giant bag doesn’t make anything easier.” Enjoy!

Vote to Win a $1,000 Lucky Brand Shopping Spree!

Good Luck!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Kiehl's Goes Green-er with Marvelous Mineral Mascara!

Kiehl’s has just launched Marvelous Mineral Mascara! The formula is super gentle— Paraben-free, Fragrance-free, hypo-allergenic and enriched with ultra nourishing natural ingredients, leaving lashes glossy and better-than-natural looking!

Key Formula Benefits:
Paraben-free and Fragrance-free
Safe for sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers
Rich, glossy lash color
Tug-Free brush is ultra-soft to the touch
Shades include Black and Black Brown

Key Ingredients: Acacia Senegal, Jojoba Oil, Aloe Vera, Mineral Pigments, Pro-Vitamin B (Panthenol), Tocopherol (Vitamin E)


Sunday, March 15, 2009

Crabtree and Evelyn Goes Green!

"explores the world and keeps the best" - John Evelyn

Indeed. Had John Evelyn, a 17th century renaissance Englishman (and the brand's namesake) who wrote one of the first important works on conservation, been alive today to try the Eucalyptus and Lime Body Wash and Lotion I fear he may have stopped searching.

Made of 100% pure essential oils and powerful pore-cleansing ingredients (salts, seaweed) this particular scent includes every imaginable delicious ingredient yet, like the rest of Crabtree and Evelyn's "Distillations" line, excludes parabens, mineral oils, synthetic fragrances, colorants, propylene glycol, sodium lauryl or laureth, sulfates.

In these the last days of winter, before spring cements its hold on the northern hemisphere this concoction of Eucalyptus, lime, peppermint, camphor and rosemary is the best defense against winter doldrums. Enjoy!

Mrs. Meyer's Beauty Tips from her NEW book!

Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day is an eco-friendly line of super cute cleaning products. It also happens to be the only detergent that has touched my laundry in the last five years. Aromatherapy and good the environment? No brainer.

Mrs. Thelma Meyer, an Iowa mother of nine, is in fact a real person and the inspiration behind the brand. Her daughter named the company to honor her old fashioned values and useful cleaning tips. Last week a book compiling these ingenious, earth-friendly tips debuted: Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Home: No-Nonsense Advice That Will Inspire You to Clean Like the Dickens. The book is a collection of fun, quirky, even ingenious ways to employ common household items in solving a range of homemaker conundrums.
Thelma Meyer was one of the original women to “go-green” and her old-fashioned tips are a modern girl's guide to a budget-and earth-friendly home! Here are just a few beauty related tips.

To get hairspray off of mirrors: Pour rubbing alcohol on a cloth and clean in small circles. You can also use a baby wipe if you have them handy. Then grab club-soda that you’ve put in a spray bottle and give the mirror a spritz, wiping it clean with bunched-up newspaper

Cleaning up broken glass: If your makeup mirror falls on the floor, you’ll want to remove all those little pieces from the floor. Dab a piece of bread on top of them, vacuum, then wipe down the floor with a water-dampened cloth

Removing Mascara from clothing: Mix a tablespoon of dish washing liquid with two cups cold water, apply the solution to the stain, and then blot until it’s gone

Makeup Expiration Dates: If you have trouble keeping track of how old things are, start writing the dates on them with a permanent marker when they’re new. Mascara lasts only three months, and it’s important that you remember when you opened it, because that wand gets a buildup of bacteria that you don’t want in your eyes. Sunscreen lasts one year and lipstick up to three.

Keeping the Bathroom Smelling Fresh: Fill a spray bottle with water, three drops of lemon oil, and two drops of eucalyptus oil. Shake this really well before using.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Reduce Stress with Natural Homemade Beauty Recipes

Work, home, the economy -- it's all too much! Get stress relief with these soothing treatments

Reduce Stress with Natural Homemade Beauty Recipes

Let's face it: these are pretty stressful times. And since most of us don't have the budget for a spa massage or facial, we need to make do with home remedies. All of these are quick, easy and you can make them with stuff that's already in your kitchen (so they're cheap too!). Take a moment to indulge, you deserve it!

See recipes

Best of YouTube: Top 10 Beauty How-To Videos

From a perfect execution of Angela Jolie's classic make up look to a two-minute updo -- these videos are the ones to watch

Best of YouTube: Top 10 Beauty How-To Videos

These 10 web stars have got their hair styling, make up and camera techniques down -- so watch them! You may learn a new trick or two.

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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

New Scent From Delirium and Co. Candles

Delirium & Co. was created by Anthony Carro, founder of the Candle Delirium store in West Hollywood, CA. The celeb-haunt carries over 30 of the most sought after candle lines now including Carro’s very own soy blend wax collection that burns for over 55 hours of each pure, indulgent scent.

Arriving in April is Delirium & Co.'s newest scent, Blue Absinthe. Made up of an intoxicating masterful brew of Absinthe, vetyver, blonde woods, basil and rosemary this scent was inspired Anthony's memories of a Moulin Rouge, European environment.

This elegant, paper-weight heavy candle compliments any bathroom with a rich fragrant scent and also makes a thoughtful gift. Enjoy!

Monday, March 9, 2009

Old Navy Gets Cheeky

To celebrate the launch of Old Navy’s new advertising campaign, Michelle Trachtenberg, Olivia Palermo, and the Kardashians were on hand at parties in LA and New York to welcome the Old Navy “Supermodelquins” to the celebrity and VIP life. Old Navy’s new advertising campaign features the “SuperModelquins” – a diverse group of gossip column-worthy personalities who lead dramatic and fun-filled lives. We think Olivia found her perfect match!

Let the Revolution Begin: USDA Certified Organic Beauty

Centered around three multi-use products, Revolution Organics ventures to new (much appreciated) extremes in beauty brand health. With USDA Organic Certification and a multi-tasking body balm that addresses all imaginable ailments (including stretch marks!) even the New York Times is taking notice. Their body balm eliminates rough winter skin in the blink of an eye and the lotion is a paraben-free dream. Housed in a bold, we don't have to look earthy because we actually are earth-y biodegradable packaging Revolution Organics is, we hope, the leader in movement for beauty that do not harm women.

Also, a word from the founders....

From Vogue to Voyage: By Kilian Travel Sprays

Remember when we discovered masterpieces of modern art gallivanting as perfume bottles in the October issue of Vogue? As the House of Hennessy progeny claimed his fame with those little masterpieces, he now launches an equally brilliant line of travel sprays for men and women.

The case itself is a magnetic object, literally. A monolith engraved with Achilles’ shield, signature of “L’Oeuvre Noire” collection. As with all By Kilian creations, the travel spray is refillable and available in all seven By Kilian scents (listed below.)

Prelude to Love -invitation
Love - don’t be shy
Beyond Love - prohibited
A Taste of Heaven - absinthe verte
Straight to Heaven - white cristal
Liasons Dangereuses - typical me
Cruel Intentions - tempt me

Friday, March 6, 2009

Bronze Goddess: Estee Lauder's Most Fabulous Collection To Date.

Every woman needs to own the Bronze Goddess Aqua Teal Duo Tone Eye Pencil. It is unlike any other eye pencil I have ever seen. It's application is beyond easy. The color is perfect. It leaves me speechless. Welcome summer. Welcome beautiful eyes. Stunning. The entire collection is fabulous, invoking a young Cameron Diaz California girl with teal eyes and coral lips. Did I say stunning? The scent invokes hot sultry summer nights and wears well on every willing volunteer I could find. Here are my musts from the entire collection:

Bronze Goddess Sand and Sea EyeShadow Palette (Limited Edition!)
Bronze Goddess Aqua Teal Duo Tone Eye Pencil (Limited Edition!)
Bronze Goddess Eau Fraiche Skinscent (Limited Edition!)
Pure Color Gloss Stick: Pop Pink, Wild Plum, Nude Almond and Orange Poppy

This Just In: CHANEL Spring-Summer 2009 Collection

Recessionista, Ted Gibson Loves You.

It’s time to FEEL PRETTY, RECESSIONISTA! Beginning this Tuesday, March 10th Ted Gibson is giving the girls what they are asking for – a whole lot of bang for their buck!

“Recessionista Tuesdays” are hosted at the Ted Gibson Salon, 184 5th Avenue ,
Second Floor, by Celebrity Hairstylist, Ted Gibson and Celebrity Colorist, Jason Backe.

All Blow Outs (normally $95) are just $40 no matter who the client sees – from Junior to Senior Stylist.

All Haircuts (normally $125 - $175) are $75 no matter who the client sees – from Junior to Senior Stylist.

All Single process or partial highlights (normally $125 - $225) are $75 (and all other color services have special Recessionista pricing)

*Master colorist, Jason Backe will be there to give single process color for just $75 (normally $200.)

Additionally, anyone can stop by the salon Tuesday (the 10th!) between 10 am and 12 noon to drop off their business card or fill out a registration form to win a COMPLIMENTARY hair make-over with TED GIBSON and JASON BACKE at the end of the day (worth over $1100!).

Remember what Ted says (on his very own Blog!) Beauty is Individual. We LOVE you Ted!

4 Amazing Things You Can Do with Eucalyptus

Natural homemade remedies for fighting flu, lethargy and more

4 Amazing Things You Can Do with Eucalyptus

Who knew you could do so much with one little plant? We didn't until we heard all these amazing tricks. Check them out - and soon you'll be stocking up on Eucalyptus too.

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Total Beauty Web Tour

Beauty's SPOT visits an American classic, The Spa at Pinehurst, and informs you on the ultimate beauty bargain - a four star spa and resort on $40 a day or $499 for an all inclusive renewal weekend.

Check out Vivid Garden, the new summer 2009 color collection from Estee Lauder, at Makeup Bag.

Learn about Napoloen Perdis lips, dandruff, cosmetics allergies and the home Bliss Spa experience at the Informed Makeup Maven !

Beauty Secrets Revealed Shares Green Tea and Chocolate Antioxidant Facial Mask Recipe !

Girl-Woman-Beauty-Brains-Blog and Estee Lauder are giving away the newly-launched Vivid Garden Summer Color Collection. Enter now to put a spring -- summer in your step.

Viva Woman invites you to read all about how La Roche-Posay Uvidea XL Daily UV Protection can help you prevent hyperpigmentation.

Can a fragrance make you appear younger? Daily Dose of Coffee decides to try it out and see if it works.

Find out from Fabulous Over Forty what the only FDA approved lash enhancer is and see the actual results!

The Home Spa Goddess shows you how to dupe the colors in the Hello Kitty "Lucky Tom" quad from MAC.

Beauty Junkies Unite tries the new L'Oreal EverPure Moisture Shampoo & Conditioner, and has a revelation-- zero sulfates makes her hair happy!

Beauty Anonymous reviews Elizabeth Arden Pretty Eau de Parfum Spray.

Alison Blackman, aka. "Advice Sister Alison investigates some new bronzers from DIOR to help brighten your complexion, and is loving Givenchy's Bollywood beauties!.

The Makeup Divas reviews Bobbi Brown Pink Platinum Collection

The Beauty Alchemist loves Dior’s new Diorskin Nude Mineral Foundation

Beauty411 is thinking spring with the new Laura Mercier Gilded Garden Makeup Collection!

Looking for a great bath bomb? Monique at Beauty Girl Musings reviews some from a new brand that she is sure you will love-- read about them here!

Boutique Flair reviews Olay Professional Pro-X and is giving away a $25 Coco-Zen gift certificate!

What beauty gadgets do you use? eye4style tests out the ANSR, a new zit-zapping LED light. Read her review here!

Dolce Beauty hosts another fabulous giveaway - this time, in the form of Montagne Jeunesse face masque gift sets! Don't miss out on this one!

Julie at More Than a Pretty Face is spreading the word about a special online charity auction of fashion and beauty items to raise funds to rescue and rehabilitate victims of human trafficking.

Christine over at Beauty in Real Life is looking for some instant redness relief. Click here to see if she found what she was looking for.

makeup loves me is giving away a ticket to Shecky's Girls Night Out! Let the shopping and cocktail drinking begin!

This week Frappelattes blogs all about Spring 2009 beauty and fashion trends that you will love. You don't want to miss it!

Average Metro Joe informs us on the side effects of smoking on your skin and hair -- as well as how much your health can improve if you decide to quit for good.

Enter to win a bunch of products in Amber of Beauty Blogging Junkie's Mirror Face Giveaway!

Attention, my chapped-lipped sisters. This week, Spoiled Pretty has teamed up with Nivea for a lip care giveaway. Enter to win Nivea's entire Lip Care collection!

Check out Glossypink's coverage of the Teen Vogue Readers' Choice Beauty Awards and enter to win an Elizabeth Arden Pretty Fragrance Set!

Minerals for your hands? A little treat from the bottom of the Dead Sea.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Mapping Nail Trends with Creative Nail Design: Tickle the Ivories

Glimmering ivory and buttercup blond manicures debuted on the runways of Carolina Herrera (pictured above) and iconic American designers Jason Wu and Tommy Hilfiger. The look is opaque, not sheer, with hit of golden shimmer. For more on Herrera's show we refer to vogue...

Mapping Nail Trends with Creative Nail Design: Dark is Classic

Ebonized jewel tones in sapphire and amethyst punctuated the seriously sexy styling at BCBG (pictured above), Herve Leger and DKNY, while Milly and Luca Luca showed classic dark raisin manicures to complement their feminine collections. At Miss Sixty, pure black Voodoo polish was reserved for pedicures. At Diesel, Amanda Fontanarrosa mixed a custom shade of dark chocolate enamel to match the clothes.

Mapping Nail Trends with Creative Nail Design: The 40s Moon Manicure

The glamour and hope of post WWII returned to fashion in the form of bold beauty elements including matte red lips, pin curled hair, lined eyes and half moon manicures. Ruffian, inspired by a vintage Vogue cover, updated the moon manicure from Vogue’s coral to a deep blood red. At FORM, the urban black uniforms were contrasted with 40s hair and makeup and black and white moon manicures. At ThreeAsFour, CND’s Roxanne Valinoti abstracted the manicure with black triangular moons on nude nails. At Thakoon, CND’s Wanda Ruiz took the look a step further with a French moon mani in beige and black. For more on Thakoon's show we refer to the video below.

Mapping Nail Trends With Creative Nail Design: Greige & Dirty Pastels

For 22 minutes each I week I escape my life and watch The City. Last night Whit sported some late 90's blue lacquer while at the DVF luncheon and then a glam old Hollywood red while wiping her tears away at the bakery. Got me to thinking nail trends come and go as quickly at tweets these days. Must call in for professional help. The folks at Creative Nail have broken down their creations for fashion week which I will post, in tweet like fashion momentarily.

Greige & Dirty Pastels – The non color of choice for fall is grey. At Kai Kuhne, Roxanne Valinoti designed a gradated manicure effect with greys shade evolving from pinky to thumb. CND’s Kristina Baune mixed custom shades of grey and mushroom for Karen Walker (pictured above), Costello Tagliopietra, Matthew Williamson, Yigal Azrouel, and Malandrino.

NY Fashion Designer Shoshanna Gruss Collaborates with Beauty.com to Create Exclusive Spring Travel Bag

Girls, as we speak I have my hands on Beauty.com's newest gift with purchase. If you have only $100 left in the beauty budget you must spend it at beauty.com! Their collaboration with celebrated fashion designer Shoshanna Gruss includes generous samples or full sizes of the item listed below and they are fantastic!

Beginning February 25th for a limited time until supplies run out, the exclusive Shoshanna-designed travel case loaded with deluxe and full sized products is FREE with any purchase of $100 or more from beauty.com. The spacious and durable beauty case features a retro-inspired floral print in spring’s modern, bright palette with two polka dotted waterproof interior compartments. The packable shape, carrying handles, exterior easy-access pocket and water-resistant surface make the bag an ideal no-spill, travel accessory.

"I chose to re-create a floral print from our spring line that really personified the Shoshanna collection," says Gruss. "It is pretty, bright, and fun, with a 1960s Palm Beach vintage feeling. It’s what every girl on the go needs; a cute makeup bag to fit all of her beauty essentials."
"Shoshanna’s original design paired with a premium assortment of samples and full-sized products lets customers experience spring fashion and beauty without breaking the bank," says Kathleen McNeill, President of Beauty.com.

Valued at more than $120, the Shoshanna for Beauty.com travel case comes packed with the following full-sized and deluxe samples, including:

LORAC Breakthrough Performance Foundation
ARCONA Booster Defense Serum
Stila High Shine Lip Color in Amber
tarte Blushing Bride Cheek Stain
Frederic Fekkai Coiff Lifting and Texturing Spray Gel
skyn ICELAND Glacial Face Wash
(MALIN+GOETZ) Assorted Hair Care
Smashbox Photo Op Under Eye Brightener
Jane Iredale Eye Gloss in Champagne Silk
Too Faced Lash Injection Mascara
Ken Paves Healthy Hair Shine Serum
Bliss Lemon + Sage Soapy Sap
DDF Daily Protective Moisturizer

Monday, March 2, 2009

The Spa at Pinehurst: A North Carolina Classic on A Modern Budget

Perhaps your husband is a golfer who dreams of playing the famed Pinehurst #2. Perhaps you are a college student who needs relief from the pressures of academia and basketball. Perhaps you are, like me, plagued with a taste for opulence but saddled with a small budget.

Young or old, well-heeled or of humble means, local girl friday or international Golfer, The Spa at Pinehurst is an item for the bucket list. Book any treatment beyond a salon service, and you’ll have all-day access to the four star, 31,000 foot facility - tranquility, pool, steam, sauna, and Southern charm included. Built in 2002 as an addition the original property, built in 1895, the spa boasts 28 treatment rooms consisting of 16 massage rooms, 6 facial rooms, 2 body/wet rooms, 1 dual/couples massage room,1 hydro-tub room and 2 waterscape tub rooms.

The least expensive item on the spa menu? A Hydrotherapy listed simply as a "Bath Escape" for a mere $40. Other popular treatments include the Magnolia Facial, the Hot Stone Massage, Golfer’s massages, Gentlemen’s Facial and Sportsmen’s pedicures. And no matter what treatment you receive adorable men in matching brown uniforms will approach you and say things like, "Would you like the jets turned on?" and "Can I offer you a smoothie?" Yes and Yes. Juice, coffee, tea, spa snacks, and several large bowls of ice and wash clothes are refilled constantly. The iced wash clothes are a necessity if you plan to spend any time at all in the true to its name steam room. I spent 3 hours hoping from women's hot tub, to co-ed hot tub, to steam room, to juice bar, to pool and back again. If you ever doubt that stress holds a physical presence in the body spend three hours at The Spa at Pinehurst and I promise, you will feel it leave. Deliriously relaxed I spent the last 30 minutes of my visit in a gardenia scented bath escape.

Sold? Perfect timing. The annual Spring Renewal Weekend is March 13-15, 2009 and there is still space available for last minute travelers. The cost is $499 per person – and it's loaded with value. Yoga, spa cuisine, $100 towards spa treatments(!), and two nights in what is, in my humble opinion, the best resort on the East Coast. Package details below. Enjoy!

Spring Renewal Weekend at the Spa at Pinehurst – $499 per person

-Two night’s accommodations at Pinehurst’s historic Holly Inn
-Continental Breakfast each morning
-Spa Luncheon featuring Mimi Donaldson, author of “Bless Your Stress – It Means You’re Alive!”
-Spa Opening Reception Friday
-Gourmet Dinner and Wine Tasting Saturday
-Series of Seminars including: How to Spa at Home, Aromatherapy, and Nutrition 101
-$100 Gift Card for spa treatments
-Loaded Spa Gift Bag
-Morning Fitness/Yoga Classes

Stila Pearl Shimmer Gloss - You Must Try It!

My first product with actual crushed pearls was Laura Mercier's SPF 15 Mineral Powder. The effects were so universally flattering, I wondered why pearl powders weren't in, well, everything. Enter the brilliance of Stila's Limited Edition Pearl Shimmer Gloss. It feels like creamy whipped butter, makes your lips look fantastic, and provides a suitable shade companion for Stila's #1 selling eyeshadow shade, Kitten (a Sephora exclusive shade.) The formula is rich in emollient oils, esters and vitamins A, C and E, and is long-wearing without feeling tacky or heavy.

Shades include:
South Sea Coral – Soft peach with white shimmer
Pearlescent Pink – Mid-tone pink with shimmer
Ocean Currant – Deep, sheer berry with pink and red shimmer (if you think you can't pull off berry, this one will change your mind. a-MAzing)
Pearl Kitten – Universally flattering warm pink-champagne with shimmer

Price: $22, available at Sephora and stilacosmetics.com