Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Ulta's Tracy Guthrie Celebrates New Miami Location with DIY looks on Jennifer Aniston, Taylor Swift, and Vanessa Hudgens!

On Thursday, February 19th one of our most favorite beauty destinations, ULTA, will be opening a second urban location in Miami! ULTA Miami, located on Lincoln Road, will offer over 20,000 beauty products as well as a professional full-service salon. (If you have never been to an ULTA please we beg you, go now.)

Tracy Guthrie, top Redken stylist, finalist for the prestigious North American Hair Stylist Award, and ULTA Salon at Miami Creative Manager, shared some tips with us on how to re-create the hottest celebrity looks at home. Her play by play, featured below, is a-MAzing!

To create a soft tousled updo just like Taylor Swift’s, first work a small amount of styling cream evenly through dry hair from roots to fingertips. Separate hair into four sections and curl with a large barrel curling iron. Gather hair up into a loose pony tail, twist and secure with bobby pin at the nape of your neck, leaving the ends un-pinned. Twist individual pieces of unpinned hair, securing each section with a new bobby pin. Once hair is in place gently loosen curls on either side to frame the face. Give hair one last sprits of hairspray before your look is complete.

For long haired beauties, like Vanessa Hudgens, this look is simple to recreate. All you need is a 1 1/2 inch curling iron and some flexible hold hairspray. First, separate your hair into medium sized sections and spritz each with hairspray. Then, instead of rolling hair into the curling iron, loop each section around the iron (do not clamp down) from the shaft to the end. This easily gives you the loose ringlet effect. Finish with another spray of hairspray and a dab of shine serum, for natural looking curls that will last all night.

A lot of my clients ask me, how to get their hair super smooth and straight, just like Jennifer Aniston’s, even if their hair is really thick and coarse. I tell them to begin by using a deep conditioning treatment in the shower, to repair any damage and smooth out coarseness. Before blow-drying, use a lightweight, heat activated straightening cream, which can help to temporarily lock curly or wavy hair into a shiny, straight style. Finally, I always advise to use a ceramic straightener because they are gentler on hair then metal ones, and easily slide over hair without snagging or catching.

Thanks Tracy! Check out more ULTA here.

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