Sunday, February 22, 2009

Gillette's Venus Embrace: Not the Best a Woman Can Get.

When the beauty gods delivered the Schick Quattro to my doorstep, I gladly surrendered my trusty Intuition razor in the name of beauty editing duty. Having been fondly surprised by the former arrival, I now alternate between the two, depending on if I need to lather some extra love on my legs (Intuition) or if I'm going for pure and simple hotness (Quattro). I was equally as hopeful about the Embrace but sadly can not report anything worthwhile. The one entertaining factor is that the Embrace, which tries hard - with an unprecedented five blades - mimics the sound of the shower squeegees revered by compulsively clean bathroom dwellers nationwide. Besides that I found the disposable BIC razor in my stall this morning at the day spa more adept and functional. Though I'm going to stick with my Quattro/Intuition Combo there are tons of total beauty ladies who love the embrace. Check out their, clearly more favorable, reviews.

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