Thursday, January 8, 2009

Dead Sea Mineral Mud

When Faces of Beautiful You introduced me to this delightful little DIY spa tote, I had no idea it contained sacred healing mud from the dead sea that would restore my belief in the healing powers of my bathroom. But it has. Yes girls its been a long strange trip but the Beauty's SPOT DIY spa is back! Mystical healers, seekers, and beauty fanatics alike have long recognized the healing power of Dead Sea Mud but it's 2009 and I'm a beauty blogger so I needed the Home Shopping Network to make my introduction to the magical mud from Israel-based Ahava Dead Sea Treatments.
I dutifully followed the directions which specifically cautioned against using the earthy smelling mineral mud on the face. I began by painting my freshly showered body with a mud mock turtleneck, low-rise belt, and elbow length ballgown gloves. Then I colored in between said accessories until every inch of alarmingly pale skin from the waist up was covered in thick black mossy mud. Having grown up on the shores of the Chesapeake Bay I found the smell comforting enough to wonder why its been more than 15 years since I bathed in mud on a daily basis. It is actually quite fun. And the lore of the Dead Sea's healing powers is almost instantly cemented in reality as the skin happily absorbs the moisture revealing a solid dry earth sitting calmly atop newly satiated skin . I feel like a new woman. Enjoy!

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