Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Betty Beauty: paraben-free, amonium-free hair dye for your who-ha.

More than a year ago our dear friends, who we'll call 'the beauty insiders,' introduced us to bettybeauty: hair dye for the hair down there. The beauty insiders are always way ahead of their time. We tend to be more traditional.

"Planet-friendly pink pubic hair dye?... The freaks will love it!" was our immediate reaction. Our second reaction was, 'Hope it stays in business until we start seeing grey down there and can use the brown color cause I am never putting anything hot pink near my who-ha." But the beauty insiders begged, pleaded, and, eventually offered us Auburn.

Today is a rare snow day here in North Carolina. We cooked. We caught up on looming, needy emails and organizational tasks. We watched the inauguration. We cried for Obama and applauded Michele's style. And we dyed our pubic hair auburn.

Being of Italian descent something as playful as deep dark rich red has never been anywhere near that neighborhood. Now we can't figure out why we waited so long. This is tremendous fun, simple, body-image altering, and every woman should try it. If however you count yourself as a member of the grey-hair-down-there club, we assume you will read that 'should' as a 'must.'

Bettybeauty was created by the same singular Renaissance woman Nancy Jarecki who also happens to be the creative inspiration behind the E! network, several films, and a soon to be published book on facing adversity. Her husband also invented moviefone so we love her several times over. In case dying your hair down there sounds too odd, challenging, or simply unnecessary I'll provide detailed, calming information below and also ask you, when was the last time you made yourself into a new woman? Betty is the first step. I don't know how I ever lived without it!

contents: Each color kit contains no-drip hair dye made with natural ingredients, tray, customized application wand, spatula, gloves and easy to follow instructions.

usage: betty™ color kits include everything you need to lighten and color! BLACK/BROWN betty™ are a one step process. BLONDE/AUBURN/FUN and specialty colors are two steps (first the special conditioning lightener and then color). And betty™ works on even the darkest of hair! BLONDE/AUBURN betty™ lets you choose three shades of color to create a perfect match.

applications: Each betty™ kit contains 2+ applications (depending on how much hair). Left over color can be used to boost hair, if necessary. betty™ covers gray and lasts about 4-6 weeks. betty™ also works great on eyebrows and for touching up roots. Men love to use betty™ for chest and facial hair.

safety: All betty™ products are safe. betty’s specially formulated no-drip hair dyes were created in consultation with a toxicologist. betty™ is made with natural ingredients and special conditioners for that sensitive area. Unlike other hair dyes, betty™ products are ammonia and paraben free.

where betty is sold: Award-winning betty™ has also become one of the most popular beauty products both domestically and internationally. betty™ is selling well geographically from Canada to Pakistan - Ohio to Oregon as well as in 20 countries and all 50 states. All betty™ products are available at salons/spas, and at beautygonegreen.com.

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