Monday, December 1, 2008

Product RAVE: Handmade Holiday Soaps from the World Famous Soap Opera!

December is my favorite Month. Giddy is almost a constant state for me during this, the month of my birth. I adore the white lights and cheesy front yard displays that line my route home from work. During other months hanging a tightly bound circular sting of dried cranberries, pine cones, and acorns to your front door and making cookies in the shape of little fat men for an even fatter imaginary man to consume could get you committed, but most of us spend the month of December delighting in such activities. Except we call it being festive. I adore each of this month's thirty one days and today the winner of my adoration is The Soap Opera. As the birthplace of my beauty product obsession, The Soap Opera creates large bricks of handmade soaps filled with images of holly leaves, evergreen trees, candy canes and the like and one slice of these giant bricks makes for an environmentally friendly, adorable, inexpensive gift.

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