Monday, December 15, 2008

Home Shopping Newtork's Faces of Beautiful You

The Home Shopping Network's new show, Faces of Beautiful You follows Hallie, Smith, and Nicki (three beauty product connoisseurs) as they navigate college life. I'm not sure about the show yet but the products are AMAZING.

Eyes by Design Eye Set

Whether making up for work or an evening out, you're an eye expert with EYES BY DESIGN. The Ultimate Kit has everything you need for fabulous eyes.
Too Faced Naughty and Nice Makeup Palette

Indulge both sides of your personality with Naughty and Nice Makeup Palette by Too Faced. Start out sweet, then transform to sexy as desired.

Ready To Wear Lash Extension
Enjoy false eyelashes in a bottle with Ready To Wear Lash Extension by Philippe Chansel! Get longer, fuller, thicker looking lashes in seconds.

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