Friday, October 17, 2008

Guest Blogger Rave: Jules and her Claudio Riaz Make Up Brushes

For those of you who have met Jules, she needs no introduction. For the rest of you, this San Fran born and bred wild child is always in the know about well, everything. Since she has a knack for beauty product trend prediction I have been attempting to get her to start her own beauty blog. Alas, I settle for this guest post. Ladies, welcome Jules.

This past Saturday, I met the man of my dreams. I met him in Barney’s and he completely won me over with his Instant Smoke Brush. Actually, all of his make up brushes took my heart by storm and I was instantly his.

As a self professed product junkie, I learned at a young age you cannot do the right make-up look without the right tools. In fact, you can’t do any look without them. Claudio Riaz has perfected the brush so even the tomboy next door can transform herself into a goddess. He transformed my friend’s eyes in about 5 minutes with 3 simple brushes: Instant Liner Brush, Instant Smoke Brush, and the Brow Brush.

The Instant Smoke Brush is perfect to dip in any shadow and sweep across your lid. Voila! Your eyes are sexy & flawless! This used to take me about 15 minutes with about 3 brushes and 3 different eye shadows. It works great over eye-liner or alone. Of Course, the Instant Smoke Brush is patent-pending and made of pure sable.

After meeting him and seeing what he can do, I fell in love and took home his Instant Smoke Brush. I never thought the man of my dreams would be able to create sexy flawless eyes in a flash!!

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