Monday, October 13, 2008

Beauty's Spa: Save Face, Save Money

Another reason I love the spa industry - it's run mostly by women who get that we need our treatments come hell or high inflation. For you, the loveliest beauty blog readers, I've compiled list of spectacular spa savings.

From Lifebooker:

50% off all haircuts at Salon Santa Cruz a Haircut (short), usually $75, is now $37.50

30% off all services at The Skin Spa a Bikini Wax, usually $35, is now $24.50

35% off all services at Jeunesse 'Spas for Life' a Deep Tissue Massage, usually $130, now $84.50

From Spa Week:

What: $50 full service spa treatments at over 600 spas across North America!

When: In the Mid-West and on the East Coast – October 13th-19th! Appointments fill up quick. You can book now.

How: Visit to see a full list of participants and the treatments they are offering.

The Spa Week Spring and Fall Events, with their signature $50 treatments, allow people with a minimal amount of expendable income to enjoy a well needed massage or other spa treatment. Spa Week’s goal is to make “wellness” more than just a word--they intend to make it a reality - for women of all financial means. Spa Week proceeds benefits Cancer and Careers.

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