Thursday, October 23, 2008

Beauty's Spa: San Francisco is Bliss

Here is what Bliss says about their hot salt scrub™ body treatment

Drives away dry and scaly skin. It's a right-on rubdown with our secret self-heating, sinus-clearing, mind-melting, rosemary, and eucalyptus oil dissolving sea-salt scrub blend.

Here is what I have to say about it: Mind-melting is an understatement. I was born again in the space of an hour inside a Vichy shower treatment room at Bliss's first West Coast outpost, Bliss San Francisco. Until today I was unaware that grown humans were in fact aloud to pay someone to bathe them. Now I think any life lived with out the experience of a full body rubdown followed by a carefully tended Vichy shower is incomplete.

First Karen, another angel employed as a massage therapist at Bliss SF, rubbed my body down in warm fragrant eucalyptus oil. I have enjoyed numerous hot oils in my years of day spa addiction however Bliss's Eucalyptus oil concoction is the only one truly worth of the term Aroma-therapy. Then she scrubbed my skin from toe to top with Bliss's Hot Salt Scrub until a new, smooth, silky epidermal layer appeared. In the past year of the beauty blogging bizarreness that has become my life, I have tried everything to treat my horrendous backne but have yet to kick it completely. If penny sized chunks of hot sea salt being rubbed against my body like hot wax on a car doesn't do the trick I'm investing in skin grafts. But I digress. After the Eucalyptus oil marinade and extremely thorough salt scrub Karen ran the Vichy shower over my entire body. Again, if you have never had a Vichy shower, please do. At this point, I was jelly in her hands and, save a few hand towels for a slight reference to modesty, I was in fact the image of a toddler in a baby bath - limp, unreasonably smiley, and for no good reason given my current helplessness, utterly happy. After carefully towel drying my newly buff bod Karen carefully massaged me with Bliss's new Blood Orange Body Butter.

Yesterday I was a mountain woman who spent two days in a rustic Yosemite cabin (and by "cabin" I mean four planks of wood converging to form primitive shelter) in the name of familial bonding. I arrived in SF un-showered, fresh out of hippie-filled hot springs, and seriously wearing NO makeup. So un beauty editor like. I would do it over ad infinitum however to visit my mountain-top living, spiritually stunning, rock climbing, earth muffin cousin who I adore but I would also have to visit bliss repeatedly to recover. If you think there isn't a Bliss near you, check again they are expanding from Doha to Hoboken. Also I know times are tough. No worries you can have the exact same experience I did at home, minus Karen and the Vichy.

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