Friday, October 3, 2008

Beauty's Product: Zelens Radical Defense Serum

I have an odd fascination with Zelens Skincare. Perhaps this fascination comes from the quirky handwriting which cheerfully exclaims "bliss catalogue exclusive!" each time I commune with said catalogue. Maybe it's because the astronomically expensive price tags leads me to believe every single claim neatly typed on the green bottle's packaging. Maybe its because Anouska Hempel, the internationally renowned hotelier and socialite is the mastermind behind Zelens’ sleek and sophisticated packaging, as well as the Blakes Hotels and the Louis Vuitton flagship store in Paris. Does it give me confidence on the cream inside the bottle knowing that it and the Louis Vuitton Flagship store emerge from the same brilliant mind? Perhaps.

Truthfully my attention is captured by these hypnotic beauty bells and whistles, but what's inside the bottle is the real hypnotist's charm. Zelen's new Radical Defense Serum is a highly potent antioxidant serum which provides protection against all types of damaging free radicals (ROS, RNS and RCS), and environmental factors (UV radiation, smoking, alcohol, stress and air pollutants). The synergistic formulation of natural antioxidants includes Shiso - the latest leaf in botanical skin care miracles. This Botanica Japonica has long inspired sushi restaurant names and gastronomical happiness alike and is now preventing and repairing visible signs of premature skin aging. Amazing.

Price: $200.00, available at Bliss and SpaceNK

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