Friday, October 3, 2008

Beauty's Product RAVE: Origins Sensory Therapy - Peace of Mind

Girls, yesterday an awfully scary man cut into my teeth and injected no less than five syringes into my gums. I know most people call this, "visiting the dentist" but I call it hell. HATE IT. Seriously my poor little face still hurts and I hate taking Ibuprofen. Luckily for me Origins makes the most relaxing natural alternative. The directions on Origins Peace of Mind Sensory Therapy instruct average consumers to apply three dabs to the back of the neck and pressure points. After an hour of dentistry hell I layered on gobs and gobs of the peppermint oil infused lotion for some instant stress relief. I reapplied before bedtime and found that when relaxing my neck muscles was a physical impossibility this potent potion did all the work for me. Rosemary, basil and sweet almond oil are counted among the other ingredients that make this powerful peppermint lotion a stress relief essential. Also, this month proceeds are going straight to the Breast Cancer Research Fund.

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