Monday, October 13, 2008

Beauty's Product RAVE: DuWop Shadowlift

I know everyone is dying for press-on makeup these days but personally as a skincare junkie with a penchant for aesthetic perfection, DuWop's new Shadowlift is the makeup revolution of the fall season. Eye shadow beginners and pros alike can join together in adoration of this silky shimmering cream. Offering a creative versatility to makeup pros and an error proof application for beginners, in seconds we can all look as if Bobbi Brown herself lives in our bathroom. This liquid shadow is packed with anti-aging and skin perfecting ingredients which all work to oxygenate, nourish and tone the delicate eyelid area. I am now completely unable to live without Shadowlift in Solé but the new formula comes in four shades:
Heat- pink gold
Spirit- a soft champagne
Solé- a vibrant bronze
Surf- a sheer taupe

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