Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Beauty's Spa Travel: Riverbend Hot Springs in Truth or Consequences, New Mexico

I almost didn't bother stopping here because one guidebook said the rooms were dormitory style. Why would you go all the way to New Mexico and stay in a dorm? It was however directly next to the Farmers Market and directly on the shores of the Rio Grande and had an oddly welcoming Tee-pee out front. I am so thrilled I stopped by.

First, the trailer houses are only one option for budget travellers and the guest rooms are adorable. Secondly, I will never go to Truth or Consequences again with out a spare $15 to gain entrance to the private riverside baths at Riverbend Hot Springs and a boyfriend in tow to make said visit suitably utopian. For the mere trouble of bringing $15 and a boyfriend to New Mexico, you can have the most romantic, secluded, river front hot spring bath beneath the watchful eye of the robust Mimbres Mountains. The larger pools are also stunning and exceptionally clean. A must visit.

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