Monday, September 29, 2008

Beauty's Product RAVE: GloMinerals GloGloss Mini Collections

Girls, it has been a long long time since a new product earned a spot in my highly selective daily makeup bag. Housed in the Anastasia 6 piece eyebrow kit, this bag contains everything I absolutely need to put on a face and never, ever leaves my side. Some say I have an issue with putting down my purse, I say I come prepared. I opt not to say - "Um are you insane? My Anastasia clothed makeup bag is in there!" Now that the GloGloss Mini Collection has graduated from the month-long probation period as purse dweller, I truly feel like the day makeup bag is complete. These pucker pleasant glosses are perfectly packaged, two inch vials of sweet smooth sultry lip love. They are so pleasantly natural that on occasion instead of eating I just apply, taste, and smell these little lovelies and it does the trick.

Each color can stand alone or be layered. Creativity and the pretty. Two matte colors, two glitter infused colors so the collection goes from day to night. The whole little package is 2 inches by two and half inches and you'll never be bored. Also I think who ever develops the GloMinerals color pallet may actually be a descendant of van Gouh as these colors look good on all skin types. I just had coffee with my bestest, who has a completely different skin tone than I do, and she looked so good in one I felt obligated to hand it over. No worries, I still have four left. I have searched high and low to figure out where you girls can get your hands on these coveted mini-glosses. Beauty Gone Green will special order them for you.

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